Advantages of LED Lighting

There are many advantages to using LED lighting over normal incandescent lights (including haolgens), with the prime reason being they are much cheaper to run. With the price of electricity rising this is a major driving factor.


LEDs have low power requirements

  • LEDs run from low-voltage DC
  • No dangerous voltages such as the high-voltage AC associated with fluorescent lamps
  • Can be used in portable battery-powered devices to provide very bright light

LEDs are very efficient in terms of light output

  • Current LED technology is generating over 50 lumens per watt (DA Series are even higher)
  • LEDs are more efficient than incandescent (16 lm/W) and halogen (22 lm/W)
  • LEDs approaching the efficiency of ¬†fluorescent light sources (50-100 lm/W)
  • 80% of the power used is converted to light, only 20% remains as heat

LEDs have a very long lifetime

  • Lighting that uses LED technology can operate for 15+ years or 50,000 hours in many cases

LEDs have a small form factor

  • The LED light source takes up a small amount of space which allows for innovative light design

LEDs are very durable

  • Unlike an incandescent lamp there is no filament than can break
  • LED semi-conductors are solid state devices.

LEDs have a high reliability factor

  • Failures are quite rare in LEDs as there are few parts that can break

LEDs support dynamic control of intensity and color

  • Different colour LEDs can be combined to produce a huge colour selection
  • Many LEDs drivers can be dimmed using existing dimmers used for incandescent lighting

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